How do I sign up for MobileCard?

Download the application in PlayStore or App store, select country, user or business and click register.

Do I have the same requirements if I am from the United States or if I am from Mexico?

Yes, they ask for email, password, mobile number, name and address.

How can I register my business in the application?

Select the country, business and enter the name of the establishment, email, mobile number, password, owner's name, business name, address, capture identification and proof of address.

What information do I need to register as a user?

Select the country, user and enter email, mobile number, password, name and address.

How do I log in?

Enter the country, establishment or user. Enter email, password and log in.

I don't remember my password

Select forget my password and enter the email.

I don't remember my email

Communicate to customer service to corroborate data and provide mail.

What features should the password carry?

It doesn't matter if numbers or letters are used, maximum 12 characters.

I just registered and I cannot perform operations.

Validate inbox of the email that was entered in the application to verify the account.

How many cards can I add to the application?

Maximum 5 cards.

What cards does the application accept?

Visa, MasterCard and AMEX.

What information do you ask me to add a card?

Cardholder name, card number, CVV, validity, card type and address.

What operations can I pay with the AMEX card?

Tag only.

How many successful trades can I have per day?

-2 successful to Tag’s with the same card, 3 different cards.

-3 successful refills same card, 2 different cards per day.

-3 Successful transfers same card different accounts.

This always and of course, do not exceed the limit of rejected transactions, which is 3.

If I have my user from the U.S. What operations can I do towards Mexico?

Service payments and telephone top-ups.

In how much maximum time do I see my operations successfully reflected?

Immediately or wait a maximum of 5 min.

What is the wallet or wallet tab for?

-It is in the main menu at the bottom, in this area you will find the frequent operations you do.

- Registered cards and transaction history of each card are stored.

How do I add a card?

Go to Wallet or wallet, select the + add data and save symbol.

How do I delete a card?

-First we have to validate that the card is not a favorite, or by default, go to Wallet or wallet, select the TDC to be deleted, press for a few seconds and select delete.
-Go to Wallet or wallet, click on edit or pencil and select the eraser icon to delete.

The application tells me that my card is duplicated.

It is because it has two or more records with the same TDC or was removed from the database at the user's request.

How do I set a card as default?

A star appears on the top right of the card which identifies the primary TDC, open edition (pencil) select primary option and save.

Why can't I delete the card I have as default?

This is because you need to enter a new card or else put one of the ones you already have as default to be able to delete the initial default.

What is the commission for Tag recharges?

$ 8.00 pesos

He charged me but the balance was not charged to my Tag.

A screenshot or photograph is requested showing the amount, authorization number and date, to make the reimbursement report from 24 to 72 business hours to pay it to the Tag.

How many Tag’s can I enter with my user?

There is no maximum of Tag, but the same Tag can be in a maximum of 5 users.

What is the maximum amount I can have on my Tag?

$ 3000.00 pesos

What is the minimum and maximum amount that I can recharge to the Tag?

From $ 200.00 pesos to $ 2,000.00 pesos

What is the commission for telephone top-ups?

5% of the amount to be recharged.

What is the minimum and maximum recharge for Air Time?

From $ 10.00 pesos to $ 200.00 pesos

What is the commission for Service Payments?

5% of the amount to be recharged

I was charged but the Payment was not processed.

A screenshot or photograph is requested where the amount, authorization number and date appear, to make the reimbursement report in a maximum of 24 to pay it to your balance.

Can I make overdue Service payments?


What kind of Services can I pay?

Light, Government, Fixed telephony, Pay TV, Natural gas, Water system, Online stores, Mobile telephony, Transportation, Housing and Insurance.

What is the commission to make transfers?

The commission is defined by 5% to be transferred.

What data do I need to enter to make a transfer?

Alias, first name, father's last name, mother's last name, telephone, email, bank, account type and beneficiary's password.

What is the minimum and maximum amount I can transfer?

Maximum amount $ 12,000, 3 transactions to 3 different accounts.

To which banks can I transfer the money?

To all banks in Mexico

What is the commission to pay in an establishment?

There are 2 cases:
1.- The commission is charged to the business / establishment.
2.- The commission is charged to the user.
This configuration is in database. The current default value is: It is charging the commission to the business.
Commission value is 5%.

What can I pay with Scan and Pay?

Only establishments that are registered in the application can be paid.

How do I pay with the QR?

The establishment generates it for the MobileCard user to scan.

How many establishments can I pay per day?

There is not limit.